EBBM Ginseng Gold Line

Rich in nutrition and active ingredients, this set of products will benefit the skin, improve its texture and keep it moisturized and soft.

EBBM Ginseng Gold Line set includes :


Main ingredients: Gold, Ginseng, Yukmijihwang

Manufacturer: UBEF Co.,Ltd.

Origin Country: Republic of Korea


ETD: 2 days

Price: Please contact

ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-02ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-03ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-04ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-05ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-06ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-07ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-08ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-09ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-10ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-11ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-12ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-13ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-14ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-15ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-16ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-17ebbm GIASENG COSMETICS(영문)20180702-18

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