Eel Kabayaki 160-250 gram/pkg

Product Name: Eel Kabayaki 160-250 gram/pkg

Description: A highly nutritious, emperor-class tonic exported to Japan. Using carefully selected Japanese eel species, it has a sweet and tender texture with no muddy taste. Blended with specially made kabayaki sauce, it creates a rich aroma and an irresistable temptation for your palate.

Product name  Frozen Roasted Eel with Kabayaki Sauce 160 – 250 gram/pkg
Ingredients Eel, [Sauce] Soy Sauce (Soybeans, Wheat, Salt), Water ,Sugar, Mirin (Rice, Corn Syrup), Glucose Syrup, Glucose Sugar, Ethanol, Colouring (E150a), Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Thickeners (E415).
Species  Anguilla Japonica
Shelf life  2 years
Preservation Below -18ºc
Place of Origin Taiwan
Cooking Method Microwave method:
1. Open the vacuum pack
2. Put the unagi inside the microwave around 3- 5 minutes
Boiling method:
1.Put the vacuum bag (without removal) directly into the boiling water.
2.Heat up around 3-5 minutes then remove the bag, and it’s ready to eat.

Packing size: 160-250 gram/pkg

ETD: 3 days

Retail price:

  • 160g (4 pcs/ 1 box) : 320.000 vnđ
  • 250g (6pcs/ 1 box): 370.000 vnd


  • Price: Please contact
  • MOQ: 10 boxes



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