Premium Shower Head Set

Product Name: Premium Shower Head Set– Luxury Modern Chrome Look


This model has a 4th filtration system which helps to filter all the impurities by 10-micrometer pore size fabric and makes the shower water become much cleaner. This model was developed to remove rust, debris, and lime and it has intensive effects on the increasing water pressure while saving water and releases a lot of negative ions thanks to the patent triangular water spray plate holes so that you can enjoy both strong water stream with a soft mist spray shower. It also has 1st micro fabric filter, 2nd micro fabric filter to remove rust and debris and anti-bacteria ceramic ball filter to prevent germs from multiplying in the water, so that you can take a shower in hygienic conditions.

Effect of water saving and water pressure increasing:-
Our patented triangular hole water spray plate brings about a 15~30% saving of water. You can also experience spa massaging effect from the increased water pressure.

Medium & Large size curved water plate:-
Thanks to the medium & large size curved plate, you can enjoy the silk therapy shower with strong but soft water like silk.

Anti-bacteria ceramic ball filter:-
Anti-bacteria ceramic ball filter prevents harmful e. Coli and bacteria from multiplying in the waters, so that you can take a shower in clean and hygienic condition.

Negative ions shower:-
Thanks to the patent triangular water plate hole, it generates 421,000pcs per cc and you can enjoy super jet mist shower with soft feeling like silk.

2nd step micro fabric filter:-
1st and 2nd micro fabric filter remove debris, rust. limescale and pollutants in the water.

Usage: Take off the old shower head and install new one

Packing size: 1 shower head/ box + buy 1 box get 4 free filter replacements


Price: 980,000 vnd/ set

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