1 Year Daily Aqua Premium Set

Product Name: 1 Year Daily Aqua Premium Set
Description: This set include:

Shower head with filter: Belong to Health Shower Series, this product is specially designed to purify and pressurize water, remove residual chlorine and easily disassembled for cleaning.

It has a 4th filtration system which helps to filter all the impurities by 10-micrometer pore size fabric and makes the shower water become much cleaner.

Vitamin C Shower Filter: provides new solution for water filtration with adding fragrance. This product are available as a 1- year set. 4 scents are gathered together to illustrate the 4 seasons of the year. Rose in Spring, scented Lemon in Summer, Lavender in Autumn and Pine for Winter

Ingredients/ Components:

  1. Premium Daily Aqua Shower Head With Filter:

2. Set Vitamin C Shower Filter

Country of Origin: Korea 

  1. Daily Aqua Shower Head
Changing A New Filter

2. Vitamin C Shower Filter

Packing size: Premium 1 Year Gift Set includes: 1 shower head, 4 filter replacements and 4 vitamin C shower filter
Price: 2,980,000 VND/ set


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