Eel Kabayaki 160-250 gram/pkg

Product Name: Eel Kabayaki 160-250 gram/pkg Description: A highly nutritious, emperor-class tonic exported to Japan. Using carefully selected Japanese eel species, it has a sweet and tender texture with no muddy taste. Blended with specially made kabayaki sauce, it creates a rich aroma and an irresistable temptation for your palate. Product name  Frozen Roasted Eel with…

Handmade Taiwanese Dumplings

Product Name: Taiwanese Dumplings Handmade Description: Every single dumpling is carefully handmade by us, just like every dumpling should be. Nature provides us with flavour in abundance, therefore our food is only flavoured with fresh herbs, spices and seasoning. You will NOT find any MSG, artificial colouring or flavouring or preservatives in our range whatsoever….